Syria Motor Show 2020 & Glory IX5 Launching

After 8 years of shutting down, the International Exhibition of Cars and car Accessories “MOTOR SHOW” which is sponsored by Ministry of Transportation started again from 13-7-2019 to 17-7-2019 in Rural Damascus governorate at exhibition city among unexpected attendance from auto companies and Syrian citizens.

The exhibition included suites of car agencies accredited in Syria of all kinds. in addition to a show of auto parts, accessories, car care materials, all types of oils and greases, diagnostic and inspection devices for Malfunctions of cars, maintenance equipment, audio systems and everything related to car services. Also, equipment for driving schools, car insurance, equipment for gas stations and car washer, and magazines specialized in cars.

Therefore, Morgano Motors took part in this important event and exhibited its product line of cars:


In addition to commercial vehicles (pickups and closed vans) from DFSK company

DFSK K01 – K01S – K01H – K05S

And from FAW company: the T80 mini truck and the t80L BOX (4 cm thick foam insulation box)

And from DFSK company: the air conditioning tourist vehicles (10 seats) C37 – C35 closed

DFSK’s SUV off road car featuring a 1.5-turbocharger engine GLORY 580 family car (7 seats).

Morgano Motors released a special edition of the new GLORY IX5, which features a 1.5 turbocharger  engine that generates 148 hp – 110 kW . This was its first breakthrough within the activities of the exhibition, with the participation of the most prominent global car manufacturers and the massive presence of various groups of people, followers, critics and specialists.

The GLORY IX5 meet the public expectations and desires, with its high quality, attention to details, modern technologies, amenities and safety. in addition to its strong and attractive design, making it an interesting car that suits all types of roads and terrain.