Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

During this pandemic of corona virus, everyone are working together to counter and  avoid the spread of the virus ( covid 19 )

So Morgano Motors undertake this big social responsibility by take advantage of its social media platforms to educate citizens, urging them to maintain social distancing by leaving  enough distance, stay in homes, maintain personal hygiene, wash and sterilization their hands, in addition to the necessary prevention methods that avoid infection and work to limit the spread of the virus.

Morgano Motors considered the health and safety of its employees as its top priority, as well as maintaining a stable workflow to serve its valued customers.

So it was so urgent to take some necessary and mandatory preventive measures for all employees to preserve their health and to limit the spread of the virus.

among these measures:

  • Putting sterile materials at the entrance of the factory, the company, showrooms, maintenance departments, after-sales services, and all entrances and offices.
  • 2- Assigning an employee to follow up the workers and their health cases and detect the Possibility of any symptoms they have, and other related details.
  • Putting signs determining distances in respect of the rule of social distancing.
  • Measuring the temperature of all workers before entering their work areas, making sure to sterilize their hands and commitment to wear the face mask all the times during their work.
  • Announcing the workers to avoid coming to work if they feel any symptoms or any symptoms of the disease appear in one of their families.
  • Meeting must be online to avoid the staff mingling
  • Sterilizing the company, showrooms, maintenance centers and offices periodically.
  • Educating workers about the virus(covid 19) and its symptoms and the importance of taking preventive measures by the company’s medical staff.